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25 years of pushing data-driven, software powered growth

A few background highlights

Real time sensor clouds

Smartphones and the GPS satellite network have transformed the way we move and experience the world. Surprisingly however, GPS is unable to serve us where we spent most of our lives: the cities and their indoors.

Operational Data Science

It's one thing to say you're data driven, and another to move past vanity metrics to actually use all available data in improving custoemr experience and growing your business.

Implementing for scalability

Technological bottlenecks might limit your business potential. I have experienced diagnosing and fixed them in systems with 200 million-plus users.

Software engineering management

20+ years of experience in hiring, managing and growing software teams for autonomous high performance, needed for fast scaling and solving previously unseen challenges.



GPS requires a direct line of sight to a large section of open sky in order to function, a rarity in the modern world. To acquire accurate position indoors or in the urban canyons, we must turn to other technologies.

IndoorAtlas' patented technology leverages the sensors available on every modern smartphone to serve application developers with software-only, cloud-powered positioning service as a free online platform to power the next generation of mobile apps.

Osma Ahvenlampi served as the company's SVP Engineering from late 2014 to 2016, leading the scaling of the IndoorAtlas platform to global customer base, including China, a notoriously difficult market for western cloud software platforms.


Habbo Hotel

Habbo Hotel was for over a decade the world’s largest social game and online community for teenagers. Developed by Sulake, the colorful virtual community and social game enabled over 250 million users from 150 countries to explore, create and express themselves in a pioneering free-to-play social game since 2000.

Osma Ahvenlampi served as the company’s CTO from 2003 until 2011, managing the scale-up and development of Habbo Hotel. During the time, he also designed and built from the ground up the analytical platform and practice that enabled Sulake to extract understanding from player activity, identify development opportunities and eliminate barriers to growth.



DealDash is the fair & honest, risk-free alternative to penny auctions. Since 2009, DealDash revolutionized the penny auction model by turning it upside down on itself and removing the risk of bidding.

As the company experienced a 10x growth over a period of four months, the site reached its performance limits and customer experience begun to suffer. In under two weeks working with the the DealDash team, Metrify.io helped identify the largest performance bottlenecks, fix site performance and eliminate costly downtime.

“Metrify.io helped us improve our customer experience and continue to grow our business at a critical point as our customer base and revenue was multiplying. Before their involvement, our team stayed up day and night to keep the site up and running. Their work paid off in seven-figure incremental revenue”

William Wolfram, founder and CEO of DealDash.

Recent thinking and writing

Who is Metrify.io

Metrify is a boutique advisory and angel investment company founded and owned by Osma Ahvenlampi. I've built teams for pre-funding startups and clients through both direct recruiting and as outsourced development tailored to what the situation has required. With experience spanning concept incubation to global products for hundreds of millions of consumers, whether you need quick advice, continuous advisory, a short-term "tiger team" or to recruit into your on staff, I've been there and can help you get there as well.

Osma Ahvenlampi

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Software-as-a-Service product and engineering leader